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Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Environment protection is a major task today and there cannot be any better thing than saving it as is a primary requirement for survival on the earth. Mass scale production in factories, invention of non-biodegradable products, toxins, etc., has caused havoc. It can have grave consequences not only for the nature but also for living organisms. It is a joint obligation for all the humans in earth to protect the environment from all sorts of degradation and contribute towards environment friendly development.

It is a kind of Pyrrhic victory for human that though they have conquered all the backwardness and have produced so much wealth, the wealth has come at the cost of ruining the planet earth. In an effort to give the planet earth a sustainable development, corporate organizations need to produce pro-environmental goods and items.

Promotional products that encourage users think for environment and stop using the products that are harmful not only for them but for the environment, are being considered ideal gifts.

Why Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products?

The answer is simple and straight, because there has been damage to ecology or environment and that needs correction. A joint effort from small charities, PSUs, local councils, SMEs, individuals, etc. should be made to produce or use only the goods that are sustainable and do not damage the environment. Promotional products that advocate or convey the message that environment should be protected by using environment friendly goods that have been made applying eco-friendly manufacturing process, should be gifted at important occasions.

Environmentalists, who have been pursuing the agenda of green development contain that products whether promotional or otherwise should be made considering environmental factors at the top. For them the products should be made using bio-degradable raw materials, recyclable products, eco-friendly products, etc. amongst others. Corporate companies are becoming cautious of their identity and in that regard put additional effort build a name around eco-friendly organization.

Recycled promo products are considered eco-friendly for they are made using recycled and reclaimed materials e.g. plastics, paper and card. Rest other environment friendly products are made using bio-degradable raw materials such as wood, Jute and cotton, etc. amongst others.

Leading Pro-Environment Friendly Products

Products such as Bags, Banners, Clothing, Coasters, Confectionery, Cosmetics/Health, Folders, etc. can be made using eco-friendly raw material for pro-environment cause. Similarly, some other products such as Keyrings, Kitchenware, Lanyards, Mugs, Paper Pads, Pencils, Pens, Plants, Stationery, Toys, Umbrellas, Water Bottles, etc. can be made taking raw materials directly from farmlands or the genuine producers of biodegradable products.

A Compliance Certificate Is A Must For Any Pool

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do you own a home with a pool? If so then there are a few things you need to know about the new pool safety regulations. Especially if you are in the process of selling a home with a swimming pool. The swimming pool laws are now tougher on pool owners in a bid to lower the amount of drowning accidents that have occurred in the past. These new pool safety laws came into effect from the first of December 2011 in Queensland. All pool owners must have their pools in compliance with the new safety rules by the year 2015.

So, how do you go about getting a safety certificate? Hiring a professional pool inspections company is a good starting point. An inspector can come out to your home to inspect your pool, fencing and surrounding area to see whether or not it is in compliance with the pool safety regulations. If it isn’t in compliance, then the inspector will make a list of things that need to be fixed before the certificate can be issued and your pool registered.

If your pool is found to be non-compliant then you will have three months to remedy this. If you have your property on the market, then you must have a compliance certificate for the pool. Your real estate agent should be able to fill you in on what is required from you.

When looking for the best company to inspect your pool area, there are a few points you need to look at such as:

=> Does this company provide you with a checklist that you can use to prepare your property for inspection?

=> How long does it take them to issue the compliance certificate?

=> Do they register your pool with the pool safety register for you?

=> How thoroughly do they carry out their inspections?

With the new pool regulations, its time to get organized and have your pool inspected.

A good pool inspector will give clear instructions on how you can get your pool compliant with the new safety regulations. If you have chosen a good company to inspect your pool, then that company should do everything it can to help you get your pool up to safety standards. By offering the right advice, pointing you in the right direction to qualified repairers if necessary, you will know you have a pool inspections company that you can depend upon to help you get it right the first time.

Having a pool is fun but it also comes with responsibility. Keeping your pool and surrounding area maintained is an important part of being a responsible pool owner. Keep your kids safe and help to lower the rate of children drowning by hiring a pool inspector.

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Business Law - Health And Safety Regulations

Monday, August 27, 2012

Health and safety laws are now an major part of any business. Following health and safety proceedures can often be a laborious process and it is even more hassle having to deal with accidents at work that were caused by not having the right precautions in place. All employers you should make sure that they are fully aware of the regulations and that they have implemented the right precautions to be deemed acceptable by the law.

The regulations should be put in place in all work places and high risk places This will mean that even offices should have procedures put in place to avoid accidents and for dealing with them when and if they do occur.

Adhering to health and safety regulations is very important in any workplace. The failure to follow these rules can result in being inspected by a health and safety executive and being sent a notice to rectify areas which they believe you are failing in. If you receive a notice and fail to act, you leave yourself liable to be fined up to 10,000.

The main aim of these regulations is to avoid accidents and potential risks in the workplace. As an employer, the best way to deal with any such issues is to ensure that your workplace is fully compliant. Due to the sheer volume of the regulations that might apply to you, it can be a good idea to get advice from a specialist health and safety lawyer to find out what you will have to do to get your workplace up to standard. Basic steps that a company can take to ensure they adhere to health and safety regulations is to ensure that staff are thoroughly briefed on any risks in the workplace and told what to do should an accident occur.

Despite your best efforts, even when you have brought your workplace up to standards, it will constantly be changing to include new risks, for example malfunctioning of equipment. This would mean that your staff may have to work in a temporarily unsafe environment. In these situations you should try to discuss your situation with a health and safety lawyer to find out ways in which you can minimise your risks and liabilities.

If you breach health and safety regulations in your workplace you will be liable to have legal action taken against you. This can be particularly damaging if the breach resulted in a serious accident. Not only will you be liable to pay a large fine and compensation to the victim of the accident, if the number of breaches is high and accidents have happened more than once, directors of the companies responsible can even face a prison sentence. Prosecution for violations will be dealt with in the same way as any other criminal trial, if you are facing legal action for a breach in regulations it is important that you seek expert legal advice on how to deal with it.

Careers in Environmental Science

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The environmental scenario is rapidly worsening and natural resources are fast depleting. The need of the hour is maintaining a balance that is beneficial to both humans and the environment. In the last two decades, there has been a growing awareness that the physical environment must be protected from the ravages of a growing population and economic development.

A course in Environmental Science is best suited for individuals who are passionate about wildlife and committed to the conservation of the environment. The truth is that only specialized individuals can understand the issues involved in the protection and preservation of the environment.

What is environmental science?

Environmental science is the study of environmental problems, especially those created by pollution. It is also known by names such as environmental technology, ecological sciences etc.

An environmentalist is a person who studies the problems of the environment and effects of uncontrolled pollution on the earth’s atmosphere. A course in environmental science is designed to help students enhance their knowledge of the environment and expose them to the current issues in environmental science and public policy.

Personal skills

Environmental courses are multi-disciplinary in nature. The candidate should have a strong interest in environmental and public health issues. You must also be passionate about building a career in environmental advocacy and organizing. You should be highly motivated and capable of leading a team.


Postgraduate courses as well as short term courses are available. These courses are designed to give students a better insight into the environmental issues confronting the present generation.

Short term courses

Some New Delhi based institutions (Wildlife Institute of India and Centre for Science and Environment) run a number of short-term courses and work shops of one to three weeks duration. The Sikkim Manipal University also offers some short-term courses.

Graduate level courses

A number of universities offer in Environmental Science. Some universities have also started offering a three year Bachelor degree course in Environment Management (BEM). Students who have successfully completed 10+2 in science (including biology) or an engineering diploma can apply for graduate courses and short term courses.

Post graduate level courses

Courses offered at the post graduate level are M.Sc. in Environment Science and M.E./M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering. An environmental engineer deals with a variety of issues like pollution, oil spills and toxic waste. They are also involved in designing recycling or waste management systems. B.Sc. graduates with biology/life/environmental/agricultural science can apply for a post graduate/master’s degree in environmental science. A degree in chemical or civil engineering is the basic qualification required for a post graduate degree in environmental engineering. Candidates having BE/B.Tech. in Mechanical or Electrical engineering can also apply for these courses.

Job prospects

Upon successful completion of the course, you can work with both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Working with NGOs will give you rewarding exposure in the study of specific projects, issues, places and people. At an NGO you can be employed as Project manager, project officer, legal assistant, NGO manager etc. Entry level positions will fetch you a salary of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per month.

Graduates in environmental science can appear for competitive examinations like the Indian Forest Service. Employment opportunities exist in public sector undertakings too. Government also recruits environmentalists from time to time in different ministries and other bodies and institutions.