Health And Safety - To Enhance Life Expectancy

Monday, August 20, 2012

Human beings are concerned about their health and safety right from childhood. Here are a set of rules that helps humans to maintain their Health and Safety. Main concern of individual is about his physical fitness. There are many types of diseases and other health related ailments that affects the human health. Complications related with health can be broadly categorized into two categories. First are diseases and second are aliments. Disease is a type of disorder which if not given proper heed results into death of human beings. Examples of diseases are cancer, typhoid, jaundice etc.

On the other hand ailments also affect body, but they are not life threatening. Ailments can affect day to day working ability. Some common ailments are cold, pain in joints etc. Most of health related problems are found in both men and women. Since, the body functioning of women is diverse from men, so there are some health related problems that are present in only males and others are present in females only. Ladies give birth to young offspring, so they have problems related with their reproductive systems. On the other hand men do not suffer from such types of problems.

By eating healthy and nutritious diets (green vegetables, fruits and fibre rich diet) one can protect himself from various diseases and disorders. Safety aspects also need attention, one should not smoke and drink. Life style also needs to be changed; I. e. Exercise helps to maintain body weight of a person. Overweight leads to various forms of problems like diabetes and hypertension (high or low BP). Finally to have health and safety one should have positive mental approach towards life.

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